The innovation at the service of the customer

The foundation for one of the most innovative companies for flocking cosmetic applicators was laid back in the 1980s.

It all started with a lone wolf who had a special know-how that helped him make his dreams come true. Today, the company has grown into a globally recognized industry leader, with over 100 employees and a firmly established place at the top.


Jenner Flock applicators was founded by Mr. Jenner in his garage. He flocked all kinds of surfaces and objects.


Relocation to Kuppenheim. Initially in a small production hall.


The hall is expanded to accommodate the first fully automatic flocking machine and the first 2 injection molding machines.


Foundation of JFA Flock Applikationen GmbH: The company is bought by a private investor. The production area is 1000m², 12 employees are employed.


Investment and expansion of the cleaning card department to offer ready-to-pack products.


Extension of know-how to complex flocked applicators for the medical industry in America.


Start of construction to expand the production facility to double the production area.


JFA patents its partial flocking technology.