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What actually is innovation?

Innovation is the successful implementation of a new idea to create value.

As one of the pioneering companies in the flock industry, it is in our nature to create value. Innovation is part of our culture. Whether we are looking for eco-friendly materials to reduce our impact on the environment or industrializing new flocking techniques. It is a matter of the heart for us to present new ideas.

The Heart

Similar to how we are captivated by a view of the shining moon on a star-filled night, the feeling of love is something very special that moves us strongly.

Christmas Collection

Winter is not a season, but a celebration.

To carry something of this celebration with us throughout the year, we have designed our Christmas collection.
Winter is an enchanting time that lifts the spirits. Would it not be nice to enrich the holidays with beauty?

Christmas is also a time of surprises and that is why you will discover 2 very innovative eyeshadow applicators. A new concept that will make you smile with every application.

A global concept for responsible
Development and production

JFA has an open and respectful corporate culture that enables partnerships between global teams of shared values, ideas and responsible manufacturing practices.

+ - Trust

JFA invests in its partnerships by listening to the customer and developing mutual trust and respect.

+ - Creative and innovative

In the fast-paced beauty industry, JFA is proactive in designing custom and standard packaging as well as investing in innovative solutions.

+ - Quality

Through a combination of regional production and a global support, JFA secures a constant high quality level.

+ - Agile service

JFA offers pleasant and fast service that remains efficient — from the development of custom designs to the delivery.

+ - Operational excellence

JFA continuously strives to improve sustainability in all areas of the company. This ranges from investments in modern systems to enhance performance to the management of its employees.

+ - Responsible and honest

Our manufacturing processes are defined by our transparency, honesty and responsibility.