ESSI Its design provides maximum stability and a soft stroke for your eyes. Product Features: The perfect accessory for your eyeshadow boxes Available in all

SNOW Glides over her eye area as light and fresh as snow. Product features: The very first snowman applicator for eye shadow A compact and cheerful appli

GLOW Let your eyes shine and become the shining star in the Christmas season. Product features: A hand applicator in the form of a candlelight Simple handling.

AZTEC Achieves great detail with the precision of an arrowhead. Product features: An arrow-shaped geometry for precise application Designed for a short

COOKIE Always and everywhere, this applicator fits your products for any occasion. Product features: One side wide and round, the other side thin u

MACK If you are looking for a flow-through applicator, we probably have just what you need. Product Features: Flow-through system to deliver formula directly into the f

MINI This eyeliner applicator provides an even stroke and a soft feel on your eyes! Product Features: Thin and small for extreme precision A k

MONA You are looking for an applicator that combines precision and and generous application. This is now possible with a twist of the wrist. Product features: It offers

MARI With a special handle to ensure good handling. This foot fits most standard packaging. Product features: A standard and d

MOON This applicator is always up to date. Precise and smooth, it can be used for all types of applications. Product features: Round shape with a precise point