New applications

Flock – advantageous 
for medical applications.


  • Application example
    Ivoclar Fluor

    Ivoclar Vivadent Fluor Protector S is a protective varnish containing fluoride, for the treatment of oversensitivity to dentine, in the case of exposed tooth necks and sensitivity after tooth whitening. The innovative recipe was developed to guarantee the immediate availability of fluoride.

    In cooperation with and exclusively manufactured for Ivoclar Vivadent. 

  • Application example

    Initially developed for use in cosmetics, the flow through applicator can also be used in medicine. 
    • The applicator with a hole or channel in the stem can be mounted on tubes or other containers for a • clean and hygienic application on to the application areas.

  • Application example
    Swab and Naso

    The applicator with a particularly large head, with a very long, segmented stem was especially developed for medical areas of use. The flock and the general material characteristics of the flock are suitable for the perfect taking of swabs and biological samples. The capillary effect of the fibres allows optimum elution, i.e. ensures that the sample can be removed and eluted well. The proportions and shape of these applicators can be adjusted precisely to the • application purpose (in the nose, mouth area etc.).


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